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Yoga Vaidya
Learn the science and art of "Surgery without Instruments"
  • Yoga Prayogam 1
  • Yoga Prayogam 2
  • Yoga Acharya
  • Yoga Vaidya
  • Customized Study
  • Specialized Workshops & Retreats
  • Study Circle
  • Research
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (800 hours)

    Yoga teachers whose primary training is not directly in the Krishnamacharya tradition of Yoga will need to successfully complete the 150 hour Foundations course. For details, refer admission requirements below.

    YogaVahini offers a highly specialized and professional training in Yoga Therapy based on the traditional wisdom of Yogis and Ayurvedic Vaidyas for yoga teachers ready to take the next step to Personalized Yoga & Therapy.

    We welcome you to join us on this unique journey of studying and applying the ancient healing wisdom of yoga. In this process, you will learn to connect with others to facilitate healing that is empowering, enduring and life transforming. Training is intensive and experiential, aimed at making healing as well as the very process of learning, creative and transformative.

    Yoga Vaidya is the first, and only IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training program in India.

    The gift of Yoga Therapy
    Yoga Vaidya 2019-21 Schedule
    Module 1
    August 12 – 30, 2019
    Module 2
    February 10 – 28, 2020
    Module 3
    August 10 – 28, 2020
    Module 4
    February 8 – 26, 2021
    Module 5
    August 9 – 27, 2021
    July 2022
    Yoga Vaidya 2017-19 Schedule
    Module 1
    Jan 23 – Feb 4, 2017
    Module 2
    Aug 14 - 26, 2017
    Module 3
    Jan 15 – Feb 2, 2018
    Module 4
    Aug 13 - 31, 2018
    Module 5
    Jan 21 – Feb 8, 2019
    Dec 2019 / Jan 2020
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    Unique Features
    of the Program
    • Offering Personalized Yoga & Therapy that is rooted in the fundamental principles of Yoga, Sankhya and Ayurveda.
    • 800 hours of course-work based on a curriculum perfected over two decades of study, teaching and training experience.
    • The most extensive and comprehensive curriculum that empowers you to evolve as a confident and compassionate yoga therapist.
    • Based on holistic understanding of the human system with highly individualized application where each person’s unique needs and capabilities are respected and addressed.
    • Integrates experiential knowledge with philosophy aimed at facilitating the healing process that is deep and life transforming.
    • Personal Attention: The strength of this course lies in the personal attention and guidance each student receives for their personal and professional development. The trainer and the mentor will be available for support and guidance through the course.
    • Community: An opportunity to participate and engage in a healing yoga community through which each member can receive and offer support in order to manifest their highest potential through yoga.
    • Supervised Volunteer Outreach Program: Taking yoga therapy into community work and engaging with groups with specific health needs – this may include: hospitals, homes for underprivileged children and senior citizens, schools etc.
    • Through this work, we seek to extend the boundaries of yoga therapy to address diverse needs of groups and communities.
    Course Content
    Foundation Principles of Yoga Therapy
    Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
    Yoga Therapy Tools and their Application
    Yoga Psychology
    Teaching and Therapeutic Skills
    Practical Application of Learning
    Yoga Research
    Professional Practice
    Course Design
    & Structure
    This course is organized into 5 intensive modules spread over a period of 36 months. ALL Modules are three week intensives.
    1. For Yoga teachers from the Krishnamacharya tradition of Yoga (Personalising Yoga):

    If you have successfully completed a Yoga Teacher Training program (350 hours) with YogaVahini or an equivalent TTC from the Krishnamacharya tradition, you may apply for our Yoga Vaidya program.

    A minimum of one-year personal practice AND one year of active teaching experience is mandatory to apply.

    A preliminary assessment (written and practical) to assess competence and readiness for Yoga Vaidya training will be conducted for all applicants.

    2. For Yoga teachers from other yoga traditions:

    If you have a RYT-200 certificate (with minimum one year of daily personal yoga practice and at least one year of active teaching experience), you will be required to successfully complete our 150 hour Yoga Prayogam 1, with mentoring and online components (over 10 months) offered by YogaVahini to qualify for Yoga Vaidya admission.

    This will include written and practical assessments to assess competence and readiness for Yoga Vaidya training.

    APPLY NOW for September 2019 Yoga Prayogam 1 to prepare for Yoga Vaidya to commence in 2022.
    While everyone can practice yoga for their own health and wellbeing, not all are ready to become Therapists. Thus, a few pre-requisites are suggested to apply for this training program:
    • The applicant must have a sincere desire to help him/herself and others with Yoga.
    • The applicant must be willing to commit to a regular personal practice as designed ad guided by their teacher/mentor.
    • Since on completion, the applicant will become a Yoga Therapist, they must be mentally and emotionally stable.
    • Applicant must possess reasonably good communication skills (in English, as medium of instruction is English).
    Potential applicants can register interest for the course on the YogaVahini website.

    You will receive the application form and more details about the course.

    Following the review of applications, we request for a personal interview with each applicant (over skype in case of out-station participants).

    Following the personal interview the final selection for the course will be made.