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Yoga Prayogam 1
"Teach what is inside you; not as it applies to yourself   but as it applies to the other"
- T Krishnamacharya
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  • Prayogam 1: Personal Development & Foundations

    (July – December 2018) 200 hours
    Module 1 of our 500 hour International Teacher Training Program, Yoga Acharya

    Yoga Prayogam 1 offers intensive hands-on training in the Personalised approach to yoga practice and teaching following the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya & Sri TKV Desikachar. It brings the perspective of applying yoga to the individual – to students and teachers of all streams of yoga.

    This course is part of the prerequisites (along with Prayogam 2 & assessments) for the Yoga Vaidya Program: Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (800 hours).

    Course Schedule in Chennai

    Personal Development (for local residents)

    July - Aug 2018 (9 weeks) TBA
    Weekly Classes 9am - 2pm
    Prayogam 1 Intensive

    Sep 17 - Oct 5 2018
    Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm (Internationals)
    9am - 1:15pm (Local residents)
    Weekly Classes (for local residents)

    Oct - Dec 2018 (8 weeks)
    Weekly 1 class 9am - 2pm
    Monthly Webinar (for all)

    Oct - Dec 2018

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    Unique Features
    of the Program
    • Extensive and comprehensive curriculum and training perfected over 2 decades of learning and teaching in the tradition of Sri.T.Krishnamacharya & Sri TKV Desikachar.
    • Aims to bring a reflective understanding of the Yoga Philosophy that can be applied in daily living.
    • Explores the various conventional and unconventional tools of yoga and how they can be deployed to support health and well-being of an individual.
    • Provides hands-on training in observation, assessment and designing of personalized yoga practices that can be progressively adapted to changing needs of the individual.
    • Aims to inspire deeper understanding and positive change within the practitioner that can support change in the world around us.
    • Offers a firm foundation in Yoga, Sankhya and basics of Ayurveda for an aspiring yoga therapist.
    Who can do
    this course?
    You are a yoga teacher
    You are a yoga practitioner
    Any student who has previously completed the Level 1 Teacher Training (200+ hours) from any school of yoga and is actively teaching and seeking to seriously pursue training in Yoga Therapy.

    Yoga Practitioners with at least 6 months of personal yoga practice and seeking professional training to become a yoga teacher and/or yoga therapist. The applicant must also have a sincere desire to help him/herself and others with Yoga.

    The applicant must be willing to commit to a personal yoga practice everyday. Mental and emotional stability and reasonably good communication skills (in English).
    Group Size
    It is proposed that a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 participants will be accepted in this program. We would like to proceed with a committed group of students where each student is guaranteed to receive sufficient personal attention and support.