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    YogaVahini is actively involved in voluntary outreach programs. We take yoga to various sections of the society - both urban and rural areas - to meet a variety of needs and challenges and bring the practical wisdom of yoga, diet and lifestyle changes to one and all. As part of their internship, trainee teachers and therapists learn to appropriately adapt yoga practice to diverse groups.

    YogaVahini, in association with Barefoot Academy, has extended its reach out work to a few villages - Kooram near Kanchipuram in TN, Kattiyampandal near Uthiramerur in Tamilnadu and Medak near Hyderabad in Telangana. Group classes (for kids and young adults) and personalized classes for adults are happening at the two villages in TN. In Medak, we are working a group of boys in the government sports hostel to improve their sports performance.

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