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    Organizations are primarily a collective of human beings. Thus, physical and psychological health of the human beings that form the collective is a fundamental capital of the organization. Investing to nurture and nourish the same will go a long way in helping the organization successfully manifest its vision. This is especially important in a VUCA (Volatile-Uncertain- Complex-Ambiguous) world. As situations change dynamically, unless employee’s body and mind are ready to be pushed beyond its boundaries, organizations will be found short of capabilities at crucial moments leading to great setbacks.

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    Why Yoga?
    Irrespective of the job one performs in the organization, whether as a technical or a managerial or a sales or a HR professional, the body is the vehicle through which the job gets done. When such is the case it is a fundamental step to keep one’s body in top physical condition. Not paying attention to that is like a musician failing to tune ones instrument. Towards this, it is important to understand the physiological and psychological processes through which the body revitalizes and replenishes itself. If not, one can only react to them after the problem has manifested. As a case in point, most people approach a doctor or a yoga therapist only after back pain and stress related complications have manifested. But, these are not like accidents that happen suddenly. These are a result of continuous neglect of one’s physical and physiological health. They could have been easily addressed beforehand. By addressing their causative factors continuously, one can stay free of such debilitating conditions. This directly results in higher productivity.
    How Yoga works
    Yoga is time tested mechanism that can help individuals do this. Through the regular practice of appropriate yoga practice, the individual can understand how one’s body is impacted by ones work and can address these effectively. Likewise, one will also be able to understand the process through which stress builds up in the system and address them at an early stage. Appropriate and customized yoga practice is very important as people with desk jobs and people with field jobs use their bodies very differently. Likewise, the psychological stresses that a technical architect faces will be very different from that of a sales person. Furthermore, each individual’s physical and psychological compositions vary dramatically and their response to these situations will also be as different.
    What we offer
    YogaVahini engages with corporates who are interested in building a culture of wellness in the organization.

    We offer:
    • Group yoga classes for younger employees (along with diet / lifestyle counseling)
    • Personalized classes for senior people and those who have any sort of illness
    • Self-reflective sessions to discover the process of stress and its impact on oneself so as to be able to build processes and mechanisms within the company to address this.
    This would help companies build a culture that values personal health. Healthy employees means a healthy organization that can successfully face a VUCA world and still manifest its vision.
    YogaVahini recently engaged with a company and successfully introduced 8000+ field employees of a company spread over 110+ locations across the country to yoga and other allied subjects like mindfulness, Ayurvedic best practices and organic food.