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    These are special and advanced programmes for teachers, trainers, therapists and therapist trainers designed to explore important concepts in yoga and yoga therapy. They offer in-depth knowledge and hands-on training in specific areas of study and practice of yoga and allied subjects.

    Antaranga Yoga Sadhana (Retreat & Course) with Raghu Ananthanarayanan

    ​Friday, 2 June - Sunday, 4 June 2017​
    ​Venue: YogaVahini Chennai​

    The course involves engaging with the Yoga Sutras in a self-reflective manner and seeing how it applies to one's own life and choices being made. It is not intended to be an academic or didactic teaching of the sutras, but a dialogic facilitation of self-driven learning in the light of the wisdom the text offers by using it as a mirror.

    The course starts with a three day introductory workshop on the Yoga Sutras. Then there will be regular group sessions every Saturday (starting June 10th 2017) from 6:30AM- 9:45AM.

    For details: click on the brochure here . To register, email us at

    A short introduction to the Yoga Sutras and its relevance, by Raghu Ananthanarayanan:

    Exploring the Inner Landscape Retreat with Saraswathi Vasudevan

    ​Wednesday, 30 August - Wednesday, 6 September, 2017​
    ​Venue: Shreyas Yoga Ayurveda Resort, Bangalore​

    In our time together, we will walk, chant, practice asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation techniques, and simple mindfulness training exercises (such as mindful eating and mindful walking) that will help you develop awareness throughout the day – all techniques and practices that you will be able to take home and apply to your daily life and perhaps even share with your loved ones.

    For details, and registration, click here

    Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers and Therapists (Part 1)

    ​Monday, 18 September - Saturday, 30 September, 2017​
    ​Venue: Maitreyi Vedic Village, Aaliyar, Tamilnadu ​

    Offered by YogaVahini and Yoga Therapy Australia. It is designed to enhance and complement your current Yogic knowledge, and to be immediately useful in your yoga practice and teaching. Participation in the program will ensure your ability to confidently incorporate Ayurvedic principles in your application of yoga.

    For details, and registration, click here.

    Foundations of Viniyoga Residential Training

    ​Friday, 27 October – Sunday, 5 November, 2017​
    ​Venue: New Govardhana Farm, Eungella, NSW, Australia.​

    Foundations of Viniyoga offered by Saraswathi Vasudevan draws together and reviews all the elemental aspects of yoga and asanas from a therapeutic perspective. It is a course suitable for all interested in the essence of yoga, and practising and teaching from a deeper level as well as personalising yoga according to individual needs.

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