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    Since June 2012 we, as a small bunch of families have been steadfastly practising and advocating yoga for the special child- a non-invasive form of therapy for children with special needs- especially in the autism spectrum.The difference in this therapy is that the class is designed for the whole family. The parent is also urged to join and continue the practise. The yoga is a combination of asanas and chanting. The Asanas help in strengthening, better posture and flexibility. The chanting helps in reducing stress, increase lung power and breath control. Helps calm the parent and the child. Group practise improves the child's social skills(greeting others, turn-taking, playing with the other children, rolling the mats,waiting for breaks, learning to be quiet on command and learning to vocalise when asked to chant). Results are subtle yet powerful.

    Special Yoga is practised every Saturday 11am at Cholamandal Artists Village, Injambakkam, Chennai 600115

    Parents of special children may contact Mini at 99405 89969 or Mala at 98410 68794

    This program is steered by YogaVahini for SCAN members.

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    Special Child Assistance Network

    Special Child Assistance Network is a facebook forum for parents of special children that is growing rapidly and has members from all over India.

    The popularity of SCAN is an indication of the lacuna it fills for parents of special children.

    At one level SCAN is a sharing platform - for the latest therapies, the contacts of good therapists and the latest breakthroughs in treatment.

    SCAN is also a place for sharing concerns and receiving counsel from parents who are experienced – so it acts as a fantastic support system and creates great bonding among members.

    SCAN also empowers parents in their cities to start activities, fun or educational, for their children. One such SCAN activity is to book entertainment spaces like theme parks and theatres exclusively for special families.This provides a space for the children to be themselves and for the parents can relax without worrying about whether their child is troubling others- an atmosphere rarely experienced by these families.

    Special Yoga and A Brush with Art are continuous development programmes we are running for families in Chennai. And we wish to carry it to other cities as well.

    SCAN is an evolving platform and our aim is to fill any gap that exists or emerges for the benefit of special children and their parents.

    If you are a parent or a professional, connected in any way with the field of Special Needs,
    Join us at:

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