Yoga Sadhana

A personal development program based on yoga (150 hours)

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YogaVahini offers a 150 -hour personal development program that assists participants explore some pertinent and important questions that we may grapple with.

Examples of some such questions are:

  • How can I become healthier? What does it mean to me to be healthy?
  • How do foods / thoughts / activities / emotions / stress / sleep affect me and my health?
  • How can I better manage my emotions?
  • How can I improve on the relationships I have with others? What are the common underlying themes in my interactions with others?
  • What are my capabilities, strengths and weaknesses?
  • What enlivens me and makes my life worth living and how can I pursue that?
  • What are the stories and identities I carry about myself and the world?
  • What does dharma mean to me with respect to myself, my family and society at large?

Yoga, as is traditionally emphasized, is an experiential Darsana, i.e. a way of reflecting on oneself and our relationship with the world. In alignment with this perspective, this program will focus primarily on experiential work – whether it is personalized yoga practice on the mat or the activity based self-reflective exercises. Some brief theoretical introduction to various concepts and dimensions of yoga will be provided as and when necessary.

This program intends to empower participants to live a more, meaningful and fulfilling life in harmony with the cycles of one’s own being and in the larger context, the cycles of nature.

Focus Areas

The program takes participants through experiential and reflective exploration of the landscape of our relationships, emotional life, health (physical, physiological and psychological), behavioral patterns, and personal directions and aspirations. These explorations will be done by using a variety of methods like drawing, audio-videos visuals, group sharing, games, dance and theatre, in addition to asana and pranayama.

Traditional Indian philosophy emphasizes the complex interconnectedness of different aspects of life such as diet, sleep, subjective sense of well-being, relationships and our interactions with the world at large. A direct implication of this is that one may not be able to address any chronic condition without understanding the interplay between the aforementioned aspects. The explorations intended to be done in this program have the potential for helping participants identify the web of complex patterns that constitute these aspects. This observation can be very powerful and has the potential to empower the individual to take steps towards making self-desired changes.

This program may also inspire the participant to go further in the yoga journey to become a yoga teacher and later on a yoga therapist. Participants so inclined may join the Yoga Acharya and / or Yoga Vaidya program(s) offered by YogaVahini.

Unique Features of the program

Personal Attention

At YogaVahini, each participant receives personalized care, attention and guidance in personal development. The teaching methodology, approach and process are aligned to our core philosophy of focusing and starting with our individual experiences.


A healthy student-teacher relationship lays the foundations for learning. We ensure every student gets personalized guidance and support through the classes and mentoring sessions.  Each participant will receive 8 one-on-one sessions with a mentor to facilitate you to develop your own yoga practice. This mentor-mentee relationship is also envisioned as a space for nourishing each other’s personal journeys.


The Sanga (community) is a fantastic teacher. This program offers you an opportunity to participate and engage in a healthy community of like-minded people committed to the path of personal growth and transformation.

Upon successful completion of the training program, you will have:

  • Started the journey into understanding and appreciating the art, science and philosophy of Yoga
  • An understanding of the parameters that constitute one’s well-being
  • Developed a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and other tools of yoga and how to appropriately apply them for your wellbeing.
  • Explored significant dimensions of your life and observed the nature of your relationship with other human beings, work and society at large
  • Necessary experience to decide if you want to take up Yoga Acharya / Vaidya programs as serious pursuits in life.

Course Curriculum

  1. Introduction to Yoga (8 hrs)
    1. Understanding what is Yoga and the experience of Yoga
    2. Understanding body-breath-mind union
    3. Benefits of Yoga – Role of breath
  1. Physical, physiological self-discovery (12 hrs)
    1. Understanding ones spine and breath
    2. Reflecting on dietary and sleep patterns
    3. Exploration of digestion, elimination and other body cycles
    4. Exploration of ones response to stress
  1. Self-reflective study (32 hrs)
    1. Looking at our relationships and our life
    2. Reflecting on what enlivens us
    3. Understanding our appetites and activities
    4. Exploring our individual and social identity
  1. Yoga as basis of self-growth (32 hrs)
    1. Intro to yoga philosophy, its history and its eight limbs
    2. Principles of Asana / Pranayama practice, developing personalized practice
    3. Exploration of other limbs and tools of yoga such as chanting etc.
    4. Basic introduction to Ayurveda – constitution, diet & lifestyle
  1. Discovering our connection with traditional and contemporary life (in India) (10 hrs)
    1. Understanding dharma
    2. Exploring ones dharma in the context of today’s life
    3. Understanding Indian Mythology and its relevance to dharma
    4. Applying this understanding in daily life
  2. Group Yoga Practice (49 hrs)
    • Apart from group practice during modules (14 hours), participants will attend a minimum of 35 group yoga practice during the weekdays.
  3. Personalized Practice Sessions (7 hrs)
    • One-on-one mentoring sessions for developing a personalized yoga practice for each participant to address your individual needs and goals.
  4. Personal practice at home
    • Please be prepared to commit at least 45 min. for personal practice at home each day.

* Please note that the hours are a rough guideline to indicate the proportion of time we will be spending on different topics. Minor variations can be expected during the actual course based on the profile of the group.


Saraswathi Vasudevan will be the lead faculty assisted by other teachers from this tradition. Other resource persons for this training program will be invited from a pool of leading teachers and practitioners.

Group Size

A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 participants will be accepted in this program. We would like to proceed with a committed group of students where each student is guaranteed to receive sufficient personal attention.

In Chennai (June – December 2015):

Module 1: June 6 & 20

Module 2: July 4 & 18

Module 3: August 1 & 22

Module 4: September 5 & 26

Module 5: October 3 & 17

Module 6: November 17 & 21

Module 7: December 5 & 19


In Hyderabad (July – December 2015)

Module 1: July 9 – 12

Module 2: October 7 – 11

Module 3: December 9 – 13

Venue & Contact Details

In Chennai

Centre for Specialised Yoga Training, Therapy & Research,
3rd Floor,Ramaniyam Smriti Apartments
21/4, Beach Road, 

Kalakshetra Colony,
Besant Nagar
Chennai 600 090

Phone + 91 9884642456

In Hyderabad:

Aviraam, Center for Healing
Plot #1A, Timberlake colony
Raidurg, Hyderabad 500008.

Contact: Krishnaveni Alluri, Phone: +91 9948312492


For more information register here.


(Registering Interest does not mean you are registering for the Course)