Yoga Sadhana

A Yoga-based Personal Development Program (150 hours)

Are you at a point in your life when you feel a deeper calling to enter the path of self-discovery and inner growth?
Are you seeking to go beyond mere asana practice to explore, understand and apply yoga in all aspects of your life – to achieve better health and wellbeing, improve relationships, find a work-life balance and experience as well as spread enduring joy and peace?
Then Yoga Sadhana is for you: it is time to take responsibility for your life and explore your true and full potential.

Focus Areas

  • Personal Development
    The main focus of our program is each individual’s personal development. You will learn to integrate appropriate practices and intensive study into your daily life to foster personal growth and evolution in the most effective and harmonious manner.
  • Foundation program for Level II – Yoga Teacher Training Program & Level III – Yoga Therapist Training Program.
    While this is a stand-alone course by itself, for those who are inspired to take one step ahead and want to become a yoga teacher, this will be a perfect launch pad. Also, to further your journey as a yoga therapist.

Unique features of the program

  • 120 hours of course-work – created over 20 years of teaching and training experience, bringing through the essence of yogic philosophy and practice for contemporary life.
  • Curriculum is based on holistic understanding of the human system with highly individualized application where each individual’s unique needs and capabilities are respected and addressed.
  • Integrates experiential knowledge with philosophy aiming at facilitating learning and practice that is deep and life transforming.
  • Combines the traditional wisdom of yoga with mindfulness training and an eclectic array of mind-body techniques to aid in the understanding of the human system and facilitate positive change.

Program Benefits

Personal Attention

At YogaVahini, each participant receives personalized care, attention and guidance both in personal and professional development. The teaching methodology, approach and process are aligned to our core philosophy: the individual is more important than the tools and techniques.


A healthy student-teacher relationship lays the foundations for learning. We ensure every student gets personalized guidance and support through the classes and mentoring sessions. Beyond the course, YogaVahini offers ongoing mentorship to assist you along your personal and professional path.

Apart from the class-room study sessions, each participant will exclusively receive 10 one-on-one yoga sessions with a mentor to facilitate you to develop their own yoga practice and apply the teachings in your daily life.

Upon successful completion of the training program, you will have:

  • an in-depth, experiential understanding and appreciation of the art, science and philosophy of Yoga
  • developed a comprehensive knowledge of the theory of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and the various other tools of yoga and how to appropriately apply them for your own health and wellbeing.
  • acquired the tools to enact positive changes in your life and thereby a better quality of life, more peace and joy.
  • the opportunity to participate and engage in a healthy community of like-minded people committed to the path of personal growth and transformation; a group that can inspire social change.
  • completed the basic foundation course (Level I) for moving forward to the next level – Yoga Teacher Training. Personal development being an integral part of training to become a teacher, this course inspires and prepares you for this path.

Course Curriculum

I. Yoga Philosophy 

  • A brief overview of the origin of Yoga. Vedas, Darsana
  • An in-depth study of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali (chapters I & II)

II. Asana, Pranayama & Meditation 

  • Principles of Asana practice
  • Role of breathing in Asana
  • Variations and modifications of postures to suit the needs of an individual
  • Developing a personalized practice: principles and process
  • Principles of Pranayama practice
  • Developing a personalized Pranayama practice
  • Understanding Meditation
  • Process and models of Meditation
  • Other tools: Chanting, visualization, diet and life-style modification & their application

III. Self-reflective study & practices

An integral part of personal growth is our ability to listen and connect with the different inner voices and personas within us. This is done by reflecting upon various dimensions of life like relationships, life choices etc. Tools such as drawing, group discussions, games, theater, videos, and reflective writing may be used to help reflect upon our inner world. The basis for the design of these sessions is the Yoga sutras of Patanjali.

IV. Group Yoga Practice 

Group practice during modules focusing on applying the principles of practice, focusing on specific goals – based on the needs of the group.

V. Personalized Practice Sessions

One-on-one mentoring sessions for developing a personalized yoga practice for each participant to address your individual needs and goals.

The course also includes:

Daily Personal Yoga practice (at home). Please be prepared to commit at least 30 min. for personal practice at home.

Optional Yoga Retreat : Sangama

During the course of the study, participants will have an opportunity to participate in a 4-day yoga retreat with the extended community of yoga teachers and practitioners, engaging in intensive practices, sharing and learning together.

All costs associated with this retreat are extra and are not included in the program.

Retreat dates included in the course schedule, more details to come soon.


Saraswathi Vasudevan will be the lead faculty assisted by other teachers from this tradition.

Group Size

It is proposed that a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 participants will be accepted in this program. We would like to proceed with a committed group of students where each student is guaranteed to receive sufficient personal attention.



Venue & Contact Details

In Chennai:

Centre for Specialised Yoga Training, Therapy & Research,
3rd Floor,Ramaniyam Smriti Apartments
21/4, Beach Road, 

Kalakshetra Colony,
Besant Nagar
Chennai 600 090

For registration contact:
Phone + 91 9884642456

In Hyderabad:

Aviraam, Center for Healing
Plot #1A, Timberlake colony
Hyderabad 500008

For registration contact: Krishnaven Alluri, Phone: +91 9948312492